Best restaurants you shouldn’t miss


Good business is defined by its excellent service, specific offer, good clientele, and by being successful at what they do. We bring you three restaurants that you should not miss. They are on this list because they are either authentic, have a great food, or because they are a part of history in Norcross. Without furder ado:

Ike’s Cafe and Grill

Ike’s Cafe and Grill foodOn their webpage, they are a list of events sorted in a calendar when the customers can find out that Ike’s Cafe and Grill have trivia nights and other events. They are also doing catering services and Friday to Sunday specials in their restaurant. Ike’s Cafe and Grill is the place that will soon be at the top of businesses that are doing good work in Norcross, GA. Their beef suya is phenomenal and if you happen to be there during the weekend you shouldn’t miss their peanut soup with rice balls.

Bleu House

Bleu House foodCustomers are saying that this place has the best BBQ brisket in Atlanta, and the meatloaf isn’t something you should miss. They have catering too and on their site, you can order your food for now or for later, in the date and time you wish. They are open Monday through Friday. The place exists for fifteen years and it became a part of the Historic Norcross landscape, first it was a café, and then as a restaurant. Talikg about some good businesses, right? They have special menus and offerings for special events and for weddings.


This place serves Asian fusion, and tapas/small plates. It is closed on Monday but is open every other day of the week from 5 pm to 12 am. It is a great place for desserts, it is wheelchair accessible, and among other types of paying you can also pay trough you Apple or Android phone. On your must-try list there should be fish and chips, then some chicken wings on a skewer and a beautiful flank steak. They opened in March 2018 and they are becoming a great business in Norcross, GA.

Ro+Ju food