Fun Things to Do in Norcross, Georgia this Fall

From the look of things, it appears as if there is nothing to enjoy or have fun about Norcross, GA. If you were to stay in this city over the weekend, there are many things that you can do, especially during the fall. Some of these things have been highlighted by individuals who live there or people who have been there so you can be sure there is truth in it. These options are available to you, and they will offer a memorable weekend out.

1. Atlanta Comedy Theater
If you would like to spend your evening in a place where you can share some laugh with your family members or your significant other, Atlanta Comedy Theater is the place to be. You will not only get comedic talent from Atlanta region, but you will also get a host of national acts which sometimes come through the area. All you need to do is check the event schedule and choose the one that works for you.

2. Netherworld Haunted House
If you are that person who is highly interested in supernatural, a haunted house tour might be a good option for you. Two haunted houses operate on a daily basis during the Halloween, and they continue to operate later even in weeks preceding the Halloween. This could prove to be an exciting outing with your spouse.

3. Malibu Grand Prix
This is a place tailor-made for a family fun day. This establishment has been made to meet the needs of young children and adults as a well. It is open throughout the week which means you can have fun with your family members on the day of your choice. The best thing is that each family member can choose what works for him/her upon which you can meet later after enjoying your day. From the car tracks for go-karts to race and moderately sized water park, Malibu Grand Prix is all about fun.

4. Tiny Towne
Tiny Towne is just made to meet the needs of your children. For affordable rates, you can make your children have a memorable adventure by enjoying various contents geared to different age groups. Some of the games for children on offer include video games, go karts, and train, your children will have enough fun to thank you.

These are the best options for you as you will get the value for the dollars spent. However, there are many other things that you can enjoy at Norcross, GA on the weekend out.

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4 Best hair salons you should visit


Maybe you are new in town, or you want to change your hair salon. Are you tired of your average, always the same hairstyle? Or do you need something more? Here we will bring you best hair salons there are doing good business in Norcross, GA.

Yany’s Hair Salon


This salon is for everyone, men, women, even kids. It may be small but that just means they have time to give you that personal touch, personal service everyone desires. In their offer, there are also various spa treatments like ear piercing and facial. You can get eyelash extension, and also a body, eyebrows and lip waxing. Seniors and kids get a special discount. There are even numerous special treatments like facial, scalp and shoulders massages. This is a place where you can get a little bit of everything at reasonable prices and good service. They are closed on Thursday, but here you won’t find a better price for your new hairstyle.

Van Michael Salon

Van-Michael-SalonThis salon extended their services to men haircut as of February 2018. They have eight locations, and on every single one, their professionals are amazing in what they do. The first salon was founded in 1984 by two brothers. Here you can find everything you may need regarding hairstyles, hair treatments, seven different waxing services, and makeup lessons and applications. The very popular is their bridal program where you can get everything done, from your hair to your makeup. On their website, you can find a page regarding various employment opportunities in their salons.

Estilos Karina Hair Studio Shoppe

Estilos-Karina-Hair-Studio-ShoppeHere all the employers have American Board Certification. They are highly skilled to provide you with a various color and style services like corrective color, ombre, and balayage. Here you can also get various types of hair extensions. They even have a private area for specific services. In addition to standard services like various professional haircuts and coloring, they also offer regular and brides makeup, eight wax services, permanent hair removal, and highly professional special hair treatments. They are open every day.

Emily J Aveda Salon

They provide world-class skincare, makeup and hair services. Their experts are international master makeup artists, hair stylists, and estheticians. They offer services in texturing, coloring and in cutting your hair using finest tools and products in order to enhance the beauty of their customers.

Delivery businesses you won’t believe exist


Have you ever asked yourself what is a good substantial business in delivery services? How are they keeping up with others and how do they manage to stay on top? We present to you the best couriers and delivery services.

Speedy Courier Service

Speedy-Courier-ServiceScheduling service is just a breeze. Employers in this company are professional and friendly, which in every business is quite important. People have been using their services for private delivery and business deliveries to their clients. This company goes to every extent to satisfy their clients, both the ones they contacted them for delivery and those to who they deliver to. They have been very successful and in the business for over thirty years when son convinced his father to start this company together as a family business.

ATL Courier Inc

This company was founded in 1984 out of a friendship. Now, they are a company that is consisted out of little over 30 employers, fifteen drivers and a little over a hundred independent contractors. In order to fulfill customers needs, they are quite innovative in their approach and are very flexible.


 They do a full service on domestic and international areas, it doesn’t matter if it is imports or exports, air or ocean, if it is distribution, warehousing.. they do it all. Their company is always expanding and their business model is one of the best there is.

Davis Delivery Service


 Founded in 1985 this business is at the top of its game. They are the first choice for truckload and LTL services. Davis Delivery is a contract and a common general commodity motor carrier, they are operating in NW and NE Georgia and in entire Atlanta. In their offer, they have same day and the next day delivery services to direct point.

Best Hot New Businesses you need to check out

Best Hot NewBusinesses you need to check out

 New businesses are open every day but that doesn’t promise anything great. The offer may be average, or it may be something that exist on every corner. Where are the new fresh ideas? New businesses are closing faster than they are opening, but we bring you three new businesses that are exactly what they are selling, and even more.

Tea Top

tea-topThey opened their place in the middle of April 2018 but the brand itself exist from 1907 when the tea factory was founded in Nantou, Taiwan. In 2006 they made their healthy tea beverage chain. They offer various types of tea that can be served hot or cold, sweet or in other flavors. In its short time in Norcross the place became famous. The most favorite drinks are the Alpine Green Tea with sago and the Sun Moon Lake tea.

Teamo tea café

 Another tea place, but with more to offer. Teamo tea cafe serves desserts, bubble tea, and coffee so it is a great place if you wish just to chill a while with some great food. They are open every day from 11 am to 10 pm and the place is just perfect for working.  They are specialized in milk tea (bubble tea), fruit and cream, but they also serve coffee, herbal teas, frappuccino, desserts and specialty drinks. They have an option where if you collect on the card they gave you twelve drinks, you will get any drink you wish for free with a free dessert. If you want to explore the world of tea drinks beyond the hot and cold ones, this is the place.


The Crab Spot

They opened at the beginning of April 2018, and here you can taste New Orleans with live music. Live entertainment is on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The vibe of this place and their service is excellent. Maybe they exist for a short time but this is the top new hot business that is quite good. They accept takeouts and delivery. The Crab Spot also does catering and private dining.

Best restaurants you shouldn’t miss


Good business is defined by its excellent service, specific offer, good clientele, and by being successful at what they do. We bring you three restaurants that you should not miss. They are on this list because they are either authentic, have a great food, or because they are a part of history in Norcross. Without furder ado:

Ike’s Cafe and Grill

Ike’s Cafe and Grill foodOn their webpage, they are a list of events sorted in a calendar when the customers can find out that Ike’s Cafe and Grill have trivia nights and other events. They are also doing catering services and Friday to Sunday specials in their restaurant. Ike’s Cafe and Grill is the place that will soon be at the top of businesses that are doing good work in Norcross, GA. Their beef suya is phenomenal and if you happen to be there during the weekend you shouldn’t miss their peanut soup with rice balls.

Bleu House

Bleu House foodCustomers are saying that this place has the best BBQ brisket in Atlanta, and the meatloaf isn’t something you should miss. They have catering too and on their site, you can order your food for now or for later, in the date and time you wish. They are open Monday through Friday. The place exists for fifteen years and it became a part of the Historic Norcross landscape, first it was a café, and then as a restaurant. Talikg about some good businesses, right? They have special menus and offerings for special events and for weddings.


This place serves Asian fusion, and tapas/small plates. It is closed on Monday but is open every other day of the week from 5 pm to 12 am. It is a great place for desserts, it is wheelchair accessible, and among other types of paying you can also pay trough you Apple or Android phone. On your must-try list there should be fish and chips, then some chicken wings on a skewer and a beautiful flank steak. They opened in March 2018 and they are becoming a great business in Norcross, GA.

Ro+Ju food